Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Uncharted Course

To My Dear Readers,

When I first started this blog in 2011 after making the cross-country journey as the lifelong Oklahoma girl to a new life in New York, I made a point to share slices of my life with you. This past year that began to change as one of the toughest years of my entire life unfurled. Now I will once again be sharing glimpses into my life with you, this time for the purpose of awareness.

Last week, I went home to Oklahoma for a dearly needed visit to see my friends and loved ones there, also spend cherished moments visiting and lovingly decorating my mother and maternal grandparents' graves. While I was in Oklahoma, I shared with my closest loved ones about a life-changing event that has come to pass as the month of July began a time of devastation in mine and my husband's lives, as well as the lives of people I have counted so dear to me as I lived life through a veil of sadness and despair. One loved one I did not get to see when I went to Tulsa, but very much felt her presence, was the late, great Susan Ponville, Tea and Magnolias shop maven who was a member of the SFB Family. I stopped at the store to pay my condolences to her daughter Jamie in person, and I couldn't help but wish Susan were here to give me some of her advice as I go through this heartbreaking season in my life. I looked up as I approached the cash register station and saw a book they were showcasing called, "Jesus and Me". I saw that as my answer to what she would share with me and I bought the book. I began reading it on the plane journeys back to New York and I have been tremendously blessed and encouraged by the author's anointed words.

In order to concentrate on my priorities of my family and Faith, I will be taking a break from this blog and what's become the SFB community that I so dearly love. I cannot say when I will return, but I will be chiming in from time to time to share updates with you. What I would ask of those of you who pray is that you would please lift up a prayer for me and my husband during this time and for loved ones affected by this heartbreak as a journey with an uncharted course begins this coming week.