Friday, May 6, 2011

The Mother of the Bride: A Mother's Day Tribute

My late, great mother along with my Grandma Cleva was one of my two foremost heroes in life. As you can see from this picture, she taught me about the joy of accessorizing from a young age. I was 26 when she died in 2001 after a courageous 11 month battle against kidney failure. She showed me devoted love in life and showed me immeasurable courage in the way she died. She was 49, 2 months from her 50th birthday.

We both so looked forward to my wedding day. I wanted her to give me away. I have thought about what to do and say for a Mother's Day tribute post in her memory this year and I decided to share with you my tribute to her that I chose for my wedding invitation.

She loved writing as I do. I can't help but think she passed down to me that fervent love of sharing the written word. This is a poem she wrote about love and it is one of my favorites. I had this poem placed on the back of mine and Craig's wedding invitation so although I am not ready to post a picture of our entire wedding invitation, in honor of Mother's Day weekend, here is a picture of the back page of our wedding invitation with her love poem. It is in my wedding colors of pink and green with the butterflies my mother so loved gently fluttering as she did through life bringing joy to so many.

Thank you so much to the fabulous MagnetStreet Weddings invitation company for their amazing designs which allowed me to incorporate create my special tribute to my mother to the design of our wedding invitations.

In Loving Memory
Jan Woodard-Morgan 1951-2001

Happy Mother's Day from your Angel Baby!
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  1. It's lovely, and a very touching sentiment to include her that way. :)
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  2. I love old photos! Beautiful tribute.

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  3. A very nice tribute to your mother.

    Happy Mother's Day :-)

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