Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! My Mother's Thanksgiving Prayer

Of my many blessings to be thankful for on this day set aside in the United States to reflect on thankfulness, one of my foremost is the gift of being MY mother's daughter. I don't choose to think of it as I was a young woman who at age 26, had to lose my soulmate mother. I choose to think of it as I was appointed by the Heavenly Father to be given 26 cherished years with an amazing mother I wouldn't trade for 100 years with any other mother.
My mother was a gifted writer and she wrote this prayer nearly a decade and a half ago to say as the prayer at her work's Thanksgiving dinner. After her death in the summer of 2001, I found a typewritten copy of this prayer with her original signature and it is a treasure of mine. That year an area newsaper published her prayer in their Thanksgiving edition. A friend of ours was so touched by the poem that she created me a special colored print with the prayer and I display it in my dining room every autumn. That friend passed away earlier this year, making the message in this prayer even more meaningful to me. My mother's sentiments in this prayer are still so appropriate for the times we are living in and I want to share this with each and every one of you with my wishes for you and your families to have a Happy Thanksgiving!

                                     A Thanksgiving Prayer For You...From Me

 by Jan Woodard-Morgan
Kind Heavenly Father I humbly thank God for my life, it is such a precious gift-for His mercy and loving kindness, for the ability to help others-hopefully with a Smile, for the knowledge that illness gives-every morning when we wake to see another day-we should give thanks to God immediately, and learning how to make the best of a situation, if God be for us, who can be against us, for the power of speech in these great United States, for any blessing that may have slipped my memory. May the spirit of Thanksgiving be catching to those around me. May we give abundant thanks for the things we do have and certainly for some of the things we DO NOT have...and most of all- for my co-workers who have become my family...I thank God for each and every one. HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!    
What are some of the things YOU are thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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  1. Sweet Angela- I am thankful that I knew you, your mom, Jan, and your grandmother Cleva! All three of you blessed my life by being my friends! I pray God will continue to bless you and yours!