Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DVD Review and Giveaway: "Dear Mom, Love Cher"

Her identity in the entertainment industry is among the rare acts so widely-known that their first name stands on its own. Cher's documentary "Dear Mom, Love Cher" was featured as a Mother's Day special on the Lifetime TV Network and is now available on DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $14.98.  I've long been a fan of Cher since I was a little girl first introduced to the music of Sonny and Cher. I was honored to receive the DVD  with an opportunity to review this documentary. 

In this DVD, Cher presents a beautiful tribute to the love between a mother and daughter. I loved getting a glimpse into the life of the superstar Cher through looking at the life of her mother Georgia. I believe it is in looking at a person's life that you always learn life lessons. 

Georgia Holt shares an incredible closeness with her two daughters, Cher and Georganne and her grandchildren. You see through the course of this documentary that it is Georgia, who was born Jackie Jean in Arkansas, who has a story all her own. I saw glimpses of the same kind of drive to succeed that her daughter Cher has exemplified throughout her career in entertainment. I saw a mother's love of music, acting and singing that was passed on to the next generation with her daughter Cher's love of music, acting and performing. 
You see life's ups and downs through stories of marriage and divorce, resulting in six failed marriages and Georgia's decision that after 6 tries, being single is just fine with her. 
It is through the parent's life that you begin to see glimpses into the life of their child, and I enjoyed getting to see parts of Cher's childhood reflected in the story. 
The mother's career in acting and music  had their own ups and downs through the years and it was at age 50 that she had the opportunity to record her own album.
At age 86, she shows she still can sing so beautifully as a DVD special feature includes a duet with her daughter, Cher and their harmonies show a heartwarming testament to the music of mother and daughter. 
I enjoyed seeing so many pictures of the family throughout the documentary, rare TV footage of Georgia's early performing career along with so many personal family stories told by members of the family. I found this to be a heartwarming tribute from a daughter to her mother and an enjoyable viewing experience.  
One of you will win your own copy of "Dear Mom, Love Cher" on DVD, valued at $14.98. To enter, leave me a comment below and tell me if you have a favorite memory of a loved one in your life, living or passed. Entries close Wednesday, November 20 at 6:00 pm EST. Winner will be announced immediately.  

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Entertainment New Media Network and we help promote, sometimes for a professional fee, entertainment industry projects we find meaningful. All opinions expressed in this blog are my own. I was not financially compensated for writing this blog post. I received this DVD to review and a DVD to give away to one of my readers.    


  1. Some of my favorite memories revolve around my maternal grandparents. From holidays to every day dinners to staying home sick with Grandma and Grandpa, the love they gave to everyone including each other is inspirung. There is no one favorite memory but an entire child and young adulthood of joy because of them.

  2. My loving aunt is dying of pancreatic cancer and will be sent home from the hospital today on hospice. She used to host the best ever Eastern egg hunts!

  3. Losing my parents at a fairly young age has made me very thankful for the family times we did have together. Every memory of my mother is special but my favorite memories are of her just sitting and talking with me. I didn't realize how much of a best friend she was to me until she was gone and I didn't have her for those talks.

  4. my husband recently lost his grandpa- i know it's not MY memory, but it's recent and the holidays this year won't be the same

  5. I would be interested in reading about her mom. I didn't know Cher's mom is still alive...but then, I don't keep up with stars' lives.;-)

  6. It's hard to just choose one memory of a loved one...or just one loved one!
    It's my maternal grandmother that taught me the most about life and her life that I like to attempt to emulate. Just a wonderful Christian woman all the way around.

  7. I hadn't even heard of this, but sounds like a great video to watch. I think the mother/daughter bond can be so powerful!

  8. Very nice review Angela...As part of my clinical geriatric rotation for nursing I had to interview a "senior citizen" and I chose my Mom. She loved to reminisce, as I spent most of the day back in the second grade. According to my Mom, life is based on memories; "you look back on your life with feelings of accomplishments and a satisfaction, and hopefully, with out regrets, so that you can move forward".

  9. I love spending time with my 93 year old grandma! She and I sahre a love for gardening and crochet/quilting!