Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mother's Day Cards Review and Giveaway with Hallmark #PutYourHeartToPaper

I love being a Hallmark blogger because I not only love their cards and other products, but also what they stand for as a company. I am a member of a club no one wishes to be a part of, someone who has lost a parent. Mother's Day coming around on the calendar was always a wonderfully special day in my household up until 2001 when my mother passed away. My memories of the first few Mother's Days without her are excruciating. It was a day that had meant so much, and that was forever changed for me by life's circumstances. In the 14 that have passed since, I have come to try my best to make it a day to celebrate as many of the special women in my life that I can. I still feel the same pang in my heart when I see the Mother's Day card display in whatever store I happen to be in, as I felt on that first without her.

She was and is my hero in life. Here we are in 1997 on a special trip to celebrate my college graduation at the Garth Brooks concert in Tulsa.

I am vocal that the fact I no longer have my mother in this life does not mean I do not celebrate this holiday with the same fervor and sentiment that I did in the 26 years I celebrated it alongside her as Jan's daughter. When I was given the opportunity to participate in Hallmark's 2015 Mother's Day #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign, I was very happy to accept. heart emoticon

I received a selection of their newest card designs for Mother's Day to share with special women in my life. These designs have taken my breath away with their beauty and unique spirit. They are not geared toward what some card companies tend to do, for "the mother", but geared toward reflecting all kinds, and all numbers not just counting as one, of special women in a person's life.

I love the sweet sentiment paired with the fun design of this Grandma card. It brings to mind my beloved late maternal grandmother, Grandma Cleva because she truly encompassed the words on this card.  

As a coffee lover, I am so taken with the unique spirit of this card that comes with a beautiful detachable coffee sleeve.

This card comes with a wooden necklace with a fantastically fun design.

I love the traditional design of this card paired with elegant details.

I will be sending this fun expectant mother card to one of the moms-to-be in my life.

The foodie in me loves this fun kitchen mixer design and sentiment.

I am such a glitter fan and I think the pink glitter detail of this card is just as amazing as the card's sentiment.

I love this Hallmark video from their #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign with grateful daughters sharing their love for their mother.

Thanks to Hallmark, one of you will win a 5 card pack of their Mother's Day cards to share with those you love. To enter, please leave a comment below to let me know you would like to win. Giveaway closes Friday, May 1 at Noon EST. If you are not able to leave a comment on this blog post, please e-mail me at with "Giveaway Entry" in the subject line and that will count as your entry.

Disclaimer: Hallmark provided me with 10 greeting cards for the purpose of my honest review and a 5 card giveaway set. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.


  1. What a sweet giveaway. Hallmark is the only card I will send. This will be my first Mother's Day since we lost my mom to cancer in September. I know it will be difficult. I will hear from or see my boys but I will not see my mother or hear her beautiful voice. Just another of many firsts to be experienced. Happy Mother's Day to my mom in heaven.

  2. I like the mom and grandma card. I also appreciate that they have cards starting at 99 cents.

  3. These are wonderful cards to share with loving mothers. I would love to win. I am raising my three grandsons and May 4th will be the 4th anniversary of their mothers passing (my daughter). It is still hard, but we will be continuing a tradition of eating her favorite food CHEESECAKE on every anniversary and sharing favorite things we remember about her on Mother's Day.

  4. I am old fashioned and I love to send cards to people through the mail. I think it is more meaningful to get something like this. I also have so many that are like moms to me that I would love to recognize.

  5. I am old fashioned and I love to send cards to people through the mail. I think it is more meaningful to get something like this. I also have so many that are like moms to me that I would love to recognize.

  6. Congratulations to Lonnie Barton! Please e-mail me your mailing address to