Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012: Meet The Southern Fried Bride!

Welcome to the bloggers visiting my blog through UBP 2012! I'm Angela, The Southern Fried Bride, a thirty-something Oklahoma girl turned very happy housewife in New York. I share a glimpse into my life as a newlywed who holds tight to my Southern raising and loves to serve up my favorite recipes. I'm a proud Delta Zeta alumnae, Beta Sigma Phi and a Wizard of Oz collector. I love monograms, etiquette, Lilly Pulitzer designs, cooking, baking and all things pink and green.

I hope you all will sit a spell and let me serve you some of my virtual punch.

This is "Southern Fried Bride's Berry Grapeful Party Punch” and here is the recipe:

½ of 64 oz. bottle Ocean Spray Light White Cranberry Juice

1/2 of 2-liter (or 1-liter bottle) diet lemon lime soda (I used Diet Sierra Mist)

1 envelope sugar free grape Kool-Aid powdered mix

1 pint Blue Bell Southern Blackberry Cobbler ice cream

2 cups crushed ice

Thaw ice cream 5-10 minutes before making punch mixture. Fill empty punch bowl with ½ of 64-ounce bottle of white cranberry juice. Add ½ of 2 liter bottle of lemon lime soda. Add envelope of grape Kool-Aid and stir well. Add 2 cups crushed ice. Add thawed pint of ice cream to top of punch, do not stir. Enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will visit again soon!  

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  1. Hi Angela. Thank you for sharing your recipe for the Southern Fried Bride's Berry Grapeful Party Punch. Can't wait to prepare and drink this myself. Dropped by from UBP.