Saturday, July 25, 2015

Berry Beauty and a Review: AZO Cranberry Gummies

I come from a family history of numerous illnesses on both sides of my family and as an adult who has been given the gift of good health, I am extra diligent about my health and always looking for new products that offer ways to promote a healthy lifestyle in my daily life.

I was given the opportunity to try a new product from AZO, the #1 urinary and vaginal health brand† which joins the range of products they offer
 AZO Cranberry Gummies is a urinary maintenance tool that incorporates the clinically proven benefits of cranberry.*  

It contains Pacran®, a super-concentrated cranberry powder that helps flush the urinary tract to maintain cleanliness.*
One of my favorite things about this product is the fact that two AZO Cranberry Gummies equal one 10 ounce glass of cranberry juice**—without the excess calories.*  

I love that they come in a variety of mixed berry flavors and it gives the power of cranberry juice without the tart taste. 

Berries have been incorporated into my diet since I was a child. My favorite is blueberries, which are packed with antioxidants and always at the top of my ingredient list when using fruit in one of my recipes.  This is a favorite berry beauty tip for all women because berries are not only high in antioxidants that can help to prevent and repair damage to the body's tissue, but they also contain polyphenols, which help fight chronic disease and cancer. 

As a redhead, I discovered as a college student that berry shades of lipstick are a great hue for my shade of red hair and to this day, you will find my trusted berry shades of lipstick in my makeup bag. 

I am also a fan of berry scents and use bath products in a variety of berry scents in my daily routine, especially raspberry.  

AZO Cranberry® Gummies is available at CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, drug stores, food stores and other major retailers.

Right now there is a fun giveaway going on over on the AZO Facebook page. There is a weekly winner for a $25 Sephora gift card and there will be three winners of a Sephora Berry Beauty basket valued at $200. You can enter the giveaway here.

Disclaimer: **Biological activity of 10oz cranberry juice cocktail
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. AZO Cranberry® used under license by i-Health, Inc. Pacran® is a trademark of Naturex. † Based on Nielsen data as of 2/21/15 and the 2014 Pharmacy Times OTC Survey

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