Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Celebrating National Ice Cream Month with Mars Ice Cream #Ad

July 19 is now set aside on the calendar as National Ice Cream Day, but I love it that the entire month of July is set aside to celebrate National Ice Cream Month.

I was given the opportunity to try some fun new ice cream offerings from Mars Ice Cream, who have a line of frozen novelties that pair delicious, real ice cream with the delectable chocolate taste that consumers know and love as well as a cold and refreshing fruit sorbet bar.

There are so many flavor combinations for Dove chocolate fans to choose from and my favorite is the Dove vanilla ice cream bar with a crunchy milk chocolate coating.

 I think the m&m's ice cream cookie takes the traditional ice cream sandwich to a whole new level with creamy vanilla ice cream resting in between two chewy, home-style cookies with lots of m&m's chocolate candies baked in.

Twix candy bar have been a beloved favorite of mine since I was a young child and as a grown-up, I am intrigued by the Twix ice cream bar with creamy vanilla ice cream with caramel, cookie bits and a chocolate caoting.
 I was over the moon with happiness that they not only have a Starburst fruit sorbet bar, but one of the two flavor offerings is my all-time favorite Starburst flavor, the strawberry fruit chew. I love the sweet and tangy flavor to this one.
 The Snickers bar delighted me with a smooth peanut butter ice cream and a caramel filling with roasted peanuts covered in a chocolate coating.
This month began a favorite new summer treat tradition in our home: a family movie night with a Mars Ice Cream bar assortment to choose from. It made for some sweet summer memories that we can't wait to make more of when we have our next summer movie night.  

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Disclaimer: I was compensated by Mars Ice Cream for this blog post. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

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  1. I want ice cream so badly now!